We have a made a solid effort to provide documentation about UniMatrix Membership - MLM Script, the way it was built, the way it works and its features. If, however, you find anything lacking from this document or you have any questions, do not hesitate to submit a question here.

UniMatrix is a PHP script to manage membership using Unilevel or Matrix plan. The script comes with essential features and options to manage the system, from the registration, login, update member details, transaction history, withdraw request, and more.

You can describe how your membership site works and how to succeed with it, and also offer downloadable products and/or private contents for your member using available features in the script.

To be able to use UniMatrix Membership - MLM Script, you must have the following:

  • Domain name
  • Website with PHP 7.2 or 7.3 and MySQL support and PDO Extension
  • cURL, JSON, ZLIB, IonCube loader, fSockOpen, PHP Mail
  • An FTP tool to upload the files

Most of the professional PHP hosting providers generally meets the above requirements. It's recommended to use CPanel hosting, but it also no problem with other hostings as long as their server meets the script requirements.

Installing UniMatrix Membership - MLM Script is simply a matter uploading the contents of the upload/ folder to a server/hosting account. Once uploaded, rename the config_ori.php file inside the common/ folder to the config.php and point your browser to the install/ folder and follow the instructions.

Since each hosting services have own control panel to create a database, please consult with your hosting provider how to create a database on your hosting account. Make sure you get the database details (host, database name, username, and password) for the script installation. If you are using CPanel hosting, click here for the tutorials.

If there are any error regarding SQL modes (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES, ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY, NO_ZERO_DATE, and NO_ZERO_IN_DATE), please contact your hosting provider for further assistance to disable these modes. It's recommended to use utf8mb4_unicode_ci for your database tables collation, especially if you plan to use non-latin characters on your site.

Follow the installation wizard by completing the form for database details and required form for the installation (License key, Email, and others), read the terms and conditions and check the checkbox, then click the button to complete the installation. After installation complete, for the security reason, rename or remove the install folder from your server.

Email Address: during the installation process, you will be asked to enter an email address. Please make sure you enter it correctly and it's highly recommended to use email address using your domain name where the script installed. Some hosting restrict sending emails when sender email using a free or different email address.

A valid Purchase Code will be required to complete the installation. You get this code from Envato after purchase the script.

Before continue using the script, you need to configure the system, including site settings, payment plan, email notification, and also payment options.

Use to configure your site settings. Please complete the available options before you start using your site.

Instructions on how to fill some options in the form:

  • Payplan Registration Option - Select Manual by Member to allow registered member join your membership or payplan manually from their Member CP, or select Automatically by the System to allow the system register new member directly to the membership or payplan (you can choose this option to reduce paid registration process).
  • Visitor Referrer - Select Optional to allow visitors access to your site without a valid referrer.
  • Default Referrer - List of default member usernames. Enter the value separated by a comma and make sure member account status is active.
  • Disable Referral Link - This option will hide the member referral link from the member dashboard, as well as, disable the referral link. Use this option only if you understand and need it.
  • MLMScript Username - Your MLMScript.net username, you can leave it as is. It's not your Envato username.
  • Default Download Folder - The folder path to your downloadable files. For a security reason and to avoid direct download, you can use a folder under the root folder in your server (not a public folder). For example, if the public path is home/username/public_html/ you can use folder home/username/productfolder/.
  • Date Format - Leave the default value as is, or if you want to modify the values, please click here for the PHP date format syntax.
  • Max Cookie Availability - How long (in days) the members tracking ID from their referral URL will stay in the visitor browser.
  • Enable SMTP - As a default, the system will use PHP Mail to send all email messages. If you want to use SMTP, enable this option, and complete the required fields for the SMTP details (host, port, username, and password. You can leave these fields empty if you plan to use default settings using PHP Mail).

Here, you can configure your Unilevel or Matrix settings for your membership, including the member registration fee, sponsor commission list, and others.

Instructions on how to fill some options in the form:

  • Registration Fee - Enter the amount members need to pay as an active or paid account. The percentage commission will also be calculated based on this amount. This amount will be attached to the member account as a record and renewal fee (if enable) unless modified manually.
  • Membership Interval - Choose the membership interval for your members. When members account expire, they need to renew their account and make payment manually to maintain their account active. You can disable this option if you want to enable the one-time registration payment.
  • Level Width and Depth - The plan settings for the program, whether Unilevel plan (unlimited width and limited depth) or matrix plan (limited width and depth). This values will be attached to the member account to keep their structure remain the same unless modified manually.
  • Commission or Reward List - Enter the value separated by a comma. For example, if you want to offer 100 commission for "1st tier sponsor" and 50 for "2nd tier sponsor", enter 100, 50 in the form field. The accepted value is fixed (e.g. 100, 50) and percentage (e.g. 70%, 10%).
  • Personal Referral Commission - Commission generated for the referrer, regardless of where the referral placed under the member structure.
  • Level Commission - Commission generated for sponsors, based on the level or position where the referral placed under the member structure.
  • Level Complete Reward - Commission generated for members when maximum referral filled a certain level or tier.
  • Max Personal Referral - The maximum allowed personal referral for the member, other personal referrals will be placed to other members (Matrix Only).
  • Minimum Personal Referral for Spillover - The minimum personal referrals by the member before they are eligible to get spillover from sponsors or other members (Matrix Only).
  • Roll-up member placement - New member placement rule when their sponsor is not eligible for new members.
  • Spillover Option - Select First Complete if you want members to complete the matrix from top to bottom, left to right, based on the member registration and activation date. The Spread Evenly option will place new referrals evenly under the member structure decided by the system.
  • Account Cycling Option - Select what will happen to the member account when their matrix plan completed. Whether cycle and re-entry under their Referrer or Sponsor or leave it as is. If you choose the re-entry option, you can allow the system to auto-deduct the member wallet for their membership fee, or allow the member to pay their re-entry account manually.


  • Unilevel with 2 levels depth, $150 registration fee, $50 personal referral commission, $25 for referral on 1st level, and $10 for referral on 2nd level - In the Payplan Settings page, enter Registration Fee = 150, Program Status = Enable, Level Width = Unilevel (unlimited width), Level Depth = 2, Currency Symbol = $, Currency Code = USD, Personal Referral Commission = 50, Level Commission = 25, 10.
  • Force Matrix 2 levels width and 3 levels depth, $100 registration fee, $25 personal referral commission, $20 for referral on 1st level, $10 for referral on 2nd level, and $5 for referral on 3rd level. Member will get reward $15 when they complete the matrix - In the Payplan Settings page, enter Registration Fee = 100, Program Status = Enable, Level Width = 2, Level Depth = 3, Currency Symbol = $, Currency Code = USD, Personal Referral Commission = 25, Level Commission = 20, 10, 5, Level Complete Reward = 0, 0, 15.

To accept payment from members when they register to your Payplan, enable one or more options from this page.

  • CoinPayments - Enable this option to allow the member to make the payment using crypto currencies (i.e. Bitcoin) through CoinPayments. You need to provide your CoinPayments Merchant ID and IPN Secret to accept the payment and make sure the currency code entered in the Payplan Settings page is supported by CoinPayments. You can get your Merchant ID and IPN Secret from your CoinPayments account.
  • PayPal - Enable this option to allow the member to make the payment using PayPal or credit card. You need to provide your PayPal email address to accept the payment and make sure the currency code entered in the Payplan Settings page is supported by PayPal. If you want to test the payment using Paypal Sandbox, enable the Paypal Sandbox Status option and enter your Paypal sandbox email address in the PayPal Account form. Click here to learn and create sandbox accounts.
  • Paystack - Enable this option to allow the member to make the payment using Paystack. You need to provide your Paystack public and secret keys to accept and verify the payment.
  • Perfectmoney - Enable this option to allow the member to make the payment using Perfectmoney. You need to provide your Perfectmoney account and define the display name to accept the payment. You can also provide your alternate passphrase to verify the payment.
  • Cash and Bank - Enable this option to allow the member to make the payment manually. You can provide instructions on how to process the payment, and after member completes the payment, they can confirm it from their member area, as well as, send the image of proof of payment.

There is a System Test option to enable Debug Mode and allow you to simulate how the payment processed in the system. You can disable this option when your site in the live mode by select Disable for the Gateway Status (Debug Mode) option in the System Test.

You will find the default email templates for member notification here. Update the contents if necessary and use available tags to replace the content dynamically.

If you want to update the language file or provide multiple languages for your visitors and member, you can use this feature. It's also possible to create a new language by duplicate English and translate the content to the new language.

Member is able to choose their preferred language from the language drop-down list available in their User CP.

You can backup your site database and/or restore it from the Admin CP, Maintenance page. If you want to restore the database from a backup file, make sure the file previously backup also comes from the same installation location.

There are some options and features in the Admin CP you can use to optimize your membership site:

  • Getting Started - You can enable this page and write content for your members. This page will be displayed in their member area. You can describe your membership or program and how it works, how to get success with your Payplan or program, rewards they will get, etc. You can also provide additional content, for example, downloadable files, links to other pages, embed youtube video to the page, and others.
  • Digital Product - Use this feature to set up products for your members by providing them with downloadable files. You can allow all members to download the files, or only active or paid members download it.
  • Digital Content - In addition to Digital Products, you can also offer private contents for your members. You can allow custom page content accessible by all members or only by active or paid members.
  • Manual Approval - Sometimes you may need to approve and activate your member account manually, generally you must do this when you accept manual or offline payment. To do this, from the Admin CP, go to the Manage Member page, view Member Profile, and click the Manual Approval button. This process will mark the transaction history as paid, the system will generate commissions records (if any), and also update the member status to active.
  • Email Test Sending - To make sure your email option and settings have been configured properly, use this feature to test sending an email.
  • Withdrawal - To avoid misuse, the member is allowed to request withdrawal one a time, it also requires few days after registration before member is able to submit a withdrawal request for the first time. You can enable or disable withdrawal requests from the Admin CP.
  • Cookie Consent - You may need to display a notification to your visitors or users that your site using cookies, to do this you can display the cookie consent alert by enabling the option from the General Settings page.
  • Reset or Purge Test Members - Use this feature to purge or reset the test member and start over the system while keeping the site settings remain the same. It useful during the testing phase after updating the payplan settings. This feature available on the Maintenance page inside Admin CP, and the Purge Test Records button will be displayed when the system in the Debug Mode.

Please visit https://www.google.com/recaptcha/ and look at the top right corner, click the Get reCAPTCHA link and scroll down to Register a new site:

  • Choose the type of reCAPTCHA: reCAPTCHA V3
  • Enter your domain in Domains setting.
  • Finally, checked on Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service and click the Register button
  • Once you have clicked on the Register button, Google will generate two keys: Site Key and Secret Key. Now log into your UniMatrix Membership - MLM Script configuration page and use the Keys.

Please backup your existing files/folders and database before performing the upgrade process.

The upgrade process will overwrite any changes you made in the script.

Upload the contents of the upload/ folder to your existing installation, login to your Admin CP, go to the Maintenance page, and click the Upgrade button (only when it's available). After uploading the files/folders, if you can not log in to your Admin CP, you can visit [yoursite]/admin/licupdate.php?key=[your_purchase_code]

Do you want to save your time and do not want to install or upgrade the script by yourself? need assistance for it? no worries, we also offer installation or upgrade service for an affordable cost. Click here for pricing and details.

Some options and/or features described in this documentation may available only on the Extended license and/or after the Branding Removal license entered and activated in the Admin CP, Maintenance Page.

Once again thank you for your purchase. I'll be happy to answer the the questions you have related to the script. In case if you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

Stay Awesome!

- AmazeGo

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